In the middle of the border triangle

The ship engine factory was build in the middle of the border triangle with France and Germany in 1963. It’s position is inside a green corridor parallel to the Rhine river.

The far overhanging crane works as a significant time-witness and as a landmark of the building and the harbour.

The building is solely orientated and open towards the river through horizontally rows of windows.

Two materials arrange and assign the appearance: Reinforced concrete is used for the ground floor and translucent fibreglass is used for the build-up of the facade cover.  The new dress glimmers, glitters and reflects due to light intension and position. The locations abrasive industrial character keeps on conserved.

Raw materials were used consciously for renovation to do justice to primary use as well as to new cultural and art needs. Simplicity and robustness are part of our concept credo to understand architecture as an daily article of use.

The asthetic effect is a sensible staging who  distributes an industrial elegance to the premises and simultaneously demonstrates the changing port area.