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Finissage & final concert - NO LAND

Finissage & final concert - NO LAND

Cinemusica and the Carnaval Trilogy

Rio de Janeiro, 1916—French composer Darius Milhaud, a member of "Le groupe des Six," arrives in Brazil as a cultural attaché for Ambassador Paul Claudel. It was a Sunday of carnival, and Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos had been asked by the government to show the diversity of Brazilian music to Milhaud.

After several days of traveling through the streets of Rio, they went to the Odeon Cinema where native composer Ernesto Nazareth was playing the piano for the silent films. "After I heard the music of Nazareth, I finally understood the meaning of Brazilian soul," said Milhaud to Villa-Lobos.

Cinemusica and the Carnaval Trilogy revisits this historical encounter, which in a spontaneous way became the foundation for a new and unique physiognomy of Brazilian music.


Darius Milhaud

Saudades do Brazil









Heitor Villa- Lobos

Prole do bebê no 1


Branquinha, a boneca de louça

Moreninha, a boneca de massa

Caboclinha, a boneca de barro

Mulatinha, a boneca de borracha

Negrinha, a boneca de pau

Pobrezinha, a boneca de trapo

Bruxa, a boneca de pano

O Polichinelo


Ernesto Nazareth

Tenebroso, Brejeiro, Ameno Resedá, Batuque, Apanhei-te Cavaquinho, Odeon e Fon Fon