17. January – 27. February 2014

Brasilea - Anniversary Exhibition

The Brasilea Foundation was founded in Basel on 22 September 2003.


Since its opening, the Brasilea Foundation has exhibited contemporary Brazilian art including paintings, sketches, photography, sculptures, objects and media art by artists who live and work in their home country of Brazil, but also by artists who work and live in foreign contexts. This makes for an interesting mix of artistic perceptions of Brazil with some works expressing a deep connection to the artists' Brazilian roots while others take a more global view of the country.

To mark our tenth anniversary we will be presenting a cross-section of our 42 past exhibitions, which will commemorate and retrace the history and development of the Brasilea Foundation.

The juxtaposition of selected works both to one another and to the permanent collection of Walter Wüthrich promises to reveal fascinating conflicts and parallels, new perceptions as well as new approaches.

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