16. April – 18. December 2015

Brazilian coevals

The concept of the presented exhibition Brazilian coevals is based on a contrasting juxtaposition of two art collections. Firstly, the original one, which was purchased by the founder Walter Wüthrich and contains a selection of his personal collectibles as in particular the paintings of Franz Josef Widmar. Secondly, a compilation of contemporary art, that could be acquired within the last decade.

These recent acquisitions, which were all exhibited art objects during the frequent shows of the Brasilea Foundation, create exciting discussions due to its similarities and distinctions of the original collection and the newer extension of mostly Brazilian artists. By now, the Foundation Brasilea appears for more than 70 artists.

On display are paintings, sculptures and photographies from artists as following: Hermes Berrio, Carlos Quintana, Maureen Bisilliat, Magy Imoberdorf, Oscar Muñoz, Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro, Sebastian de Ganay, Alejandro Pintado, José Becchara, Kcho, Elena Rendeiro, Hilal Sami Hilal, Ulysees Gonzales Gutierrez, Andrea Mocio, Jacobo Castellano, Claudia Melli, João de Orleans e Bragança, Carlos Muniz und Franz Josef Widmar.

Events to the exhibition