08. April – 20. May 2010

Land of Escaping Thoughts


I wonder around the cityscape doubting if it is real. I cannot believe life exists in fact. I guess the world feels the same about me. It is a relation of absolute distrust.

I made a habit of watching the streets and finding in them imaginary scenes and landscapes. Do they exist? Have I created them? Do other people see?

It doesn‘t matter, as everything is equally delighting. I relate to them as I do with anyone else who approaches me in order to greet me, or to mourn or to nag, or even to reassure we have met before.

No, I do not know them. And they don‘t me either. We live in common insulation, through floating bubbles that occasionally meet without us having to compromise our comforting integrity masks.

Through photography, I learnt a new dimension. The dimension of the framing. My relationship with the world is now inevitably struck by this new parameter.

Everything is a matter of angle of approach, zoom intensity or chromatic correction. It made possible for the banal to become sublime and vice-versa. As if the real is not compulsory anymore. It is just a matter of choice. That is my choice, I believe. To populate the city with zooms and crops, proffering my own life with a more accurate framing.



The Series ‚The gap of the vain thoughts‘

What the routine gets from the empty thoughts is a fertile world filled with vain ideas.‘

In our hectic urban routine, the optimism of squeezing everything into a single day clashes directly with our inevitable delays. On the streets, individuals and its means of transportation move frantically. On duty, they always have predetermined destinies.

Despite our contemporary problems with time restrictions, we can still nurture our imagination on a daily basis. Ordinary places can be a lot of fun.

This empty gap between our train of thoughts is where I get my inspiration from. The tiny slit we don‘t care about is a portal to a universe where things can be awaken. The series ‚The gap of the vain thoughts‘ is a collection of imagination lapses taken from ordinary lives. I allowed myself to skip the hardship of the daily routine and bring some poetry to it.

The videos were all shot in digital, simulating a pedestrian point of view. The interventions are made in computer graphics.