05. July – 02. August 2007

Lilian Valladares - "The Feeling Business"

In The Feelings Business


“Love has always been the most important business in my life -

I should say the only one.”




(No joke, for me too…)



The Stendhal Syndrome is a psychosomatic illness that causes

rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations

when an individual is exposed to art - usually when the art is

particularly 'beautiful' or a large amount of art is in a

single place.


The term can also be used to describe a similar reaction to an

excess of choice in other circumstances, e.g. when shopping.


The syndrome was named after the famous 19th century French

author Stendhal (pseudonym of Henri-Marie Beyle) in 1979 by

the Italian psychiatrist Graziella Magherini, who observed and

described the illness.


The syndrome was first diagnosed in 1982.

Seriously… Consult your shrink after this show.



Feeling the burst of joy, knowing that the indescribable,

blissful thing that has encouraged and won me, has passed

through my life.


Sentir que l'éclat de la joie, de quelque chose indescriptible

et radieuse qui m'a enflammée… et touchée…, a traversée ma vie.