12. June – 13. July 2014

Ordem e Paixão / Order and Passion

The exhibition "Ordem e Paixão“ - "Order and Passion" is a cooperation project between the Brasilea Foundation and the Kreativwerkstatt of Bürgerspital Basel.

„Ordem e Paixão“ - "Order and Passion", elementary pillars for the collaborators of the Kreativwerkstatt, is presenting art works, which result from an intensive occupation with Brazil for several months.

The exhibition presents drawings, paintings, photographies, textile works and sculptures.

The 16 skilful creators are present and will be pleased about an exchange of their works.

Among others the following persons present their work: Markus Buchser, Markus Burkhalter, Doris Egger, Amine Jean Fessler, Pedro Gonzales, Katrin Huber, Sebastian Kaeser, Lukas Kaufmann, Christine Kuhn, Pascal Pach, Oliver Reigber, Yolanda Schreiber, Anna Speranza, Tobias Steiner, Beat Uehlinger

Introduction into the exhibition: Walter Buess (Gerente da Kreativwerkstatt of Bürgerspital Basel)

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 14:00 - 18:00, or by appointment