12. June – 13. July 2014

Pelé - KING OF FOOTBALL "1283"

In October 2013 Brazil based Toriba Editora made one of its major launches: "1283". It is a unique collector's book about the life of Pele, the greatest icon of world football, who left his mark and his beautiful goals in the history of the sport. The book is a tribute to the athlete of the century and was named with the same number of goals than Pele did in his entire career. With limited edition of 1.283 copies, the publication is a true work of art which has 500 pages in the life trajectory of the biggest myth and reflects the outstanding personality of Pelé The publication is a real collector's piece. Each unit is numbered to ensure its exclusivity, in addition to the signing of Pele, who personally autographed each of the 1.283 copies.

A unique book requires a unique personality. That's how Toriba Editora defines this release. "1283" received a special treatment since the initial idea to create such work was designed. For two years, the staff of the publisher, formed by specialized professionals, immersed in the life of Pele and gathered unique historical images and testimonies about the greatest Brazilian player of all time. These are pictures that show the most significant moments of the King, from the beginning of his career until his acclamation as the biggest football idol ever. Numerous research visits to several photo archives from the main media outlets in Brazil and abroad had to be made.

Among one of the greatest achievements of the book is a photo titled "The Heart of the King", taken by photographer Luiz Paulo Machado, responsible for capturing one of the most striking images of football. The sharp eyes of the photographer captured the exact moment when the sweat of Pelé on his shirt, shaped a heart on his chest. The photo was taken in 1971, during a match of the Brazilian team against Yugoslavia. Pele was the number 10. The photo records this time and is considered one of the most famous in the world of sport. Luiz Paulo Machado, who was distant from the world of photography, was located by the team of Toriba Publisher and signed along with Pelé 200 copies of this historical image separately printed in special cotton paper, which will be part of special (King Edition) copies of "1283".

Highlights of the work are its printing and finishing. Toriba Editora had the best professionals for the development of this unique project. The book was printed in Italy, in the region of Veneto, the cradle of the best printing firms and legatoria workshops in the world. The paper chosen to stamp the photos Pele is highly sophisticated, ideal for this kind of work of art, and is manufactured only in Italy under demand. With craftsmanship, "1283" was hand sewn by Italian professionals, recognized by this tradition. The result is an impressive work, rich in detail and masterful images.


"1283" was officially launched in events in Brazil, England, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Out of the few book units still available, only 50 were separated for sale in Switzerland. The classic edition of each book, numbered and personally autographed by Pelé, costs CHF 2'200.