13. June – 18. June 2016

Saint Clair Cemin - Sculptures

There are artists for whom the world and its myths seem narrow. If the small rural town of Cruz Alta of Brazilians gaúchos (*) has, since its birth, undeniably given, the artist a great balance and calm, which is inhabited, it should not be relied upon. Saint Clair Cemin has the gift of ubiquity and a ferocious appetite. Fleeing the constraints of the military dictatorship, the Beaux Arts in Paris were only a stage for him, before taking over New York. Polyglot, his studios are in the United States, Beijing in China and Burgundy in France. But this artist who seems not to like the rest, also did not hesitate to move to Egypt when this need has been felt and he also can be found, each year in Greece, where he probably likes di- ving into ancient legends.

We find, of course, that thirst of knowledge and learn, his generous and curious look, in all his atypical work, in which irony is never far away. One only constant, is that Saint Clair Cemin is undeniably

a great sculptor. After the seduction of the Surrealist movement and the shock of discovering the Joseph Beuys’s art work, his mentor is the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Like him, Saint Clair Cemin facets! In his sculpture (and life) he facets. It is a direct cut. However he never hesitates to use all the elements that await him and never draws back from new experiences, playing with the best materials (marble, bronze, wood ...) without neglecting the elements of recovery and new materials .

These juxtapositions of materials go hand in hand with the ‘cannibalism’ that he operates on the history of art and sculpture in particular. In his work, the traditions from around the world appear meta- morphosed often mixed with references to ancient myths. He knows how to find worldwide language ele- ments that speak to everyone regardless of their culture. We do not capture life with language, he likes to recall. That’s why he likes sculptural visions. He does not know the concept of ‘normality’. His imagination works on all possible realities.

This exhibition offers a panorama of works, original and multiple sculptures from 1995 to 2012 as well as some drawings that will allow the public to travel with this limitless artist.

Marc Pottier, Curator

(*) Are the cowboys form South America and in Brazil are called all of those b0rn in Rio Grande do Sul



13. & 14.6.2016     by appointment

15. - 18.6.2016     12:00 - 19:00