08. June 2016

Brasilea News - June 2016

First Brasilea Travelling Exhibition „Boris Kossoy – Imago“ in Rome

More than 150 invited guests attended the vernissage of the first travelling exhibition of the Brasilea Foundation Basel which opened in Rome on 11 May 2016. The Brazilian Ambassador Ricardo Neiva Tavares and the director of the Brasilea Foundation Daniel Faust celebrated the start of Brasilea travelling exhibitions together with international guests.

In the premises of the gallery Candido Portinari of the Brazilian embassy (Palazzo Pamphilj, Piazza Navona 10), 42 works of the award-winning photographer, publicist, and author Professor Boris Kossoy were shown in the Italian capital. More than 1,600 visitors from around the world visited the exhibition in the period from 12 to 27 May 2016. The plannings for the next stations of the exhibition include Athens, Barcelona, Brussels and Lisbon.

The exhibition, which was shown in Basel in full size with a total of 88 works last year, presents a cross-section through 50 years of photography from one of the great photography experts of our time. At the same time, these works document the obvious as well as the hidden in every photograph; magic, mystery and memories are always close together.
Boris Kossoy allows the viewer to share in his extraordinary interpretation of everyday scenarios for which he has received recognition worldwide.

Director Daniel Faust from Basel fulfilled a transatlantic dream for himself and his Brazilian partners which are the Brazilian Embassy in Bern, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the J. Safra Sarasin Bank: To show those exhibitions, which are planned and always shown first in the Brasilea Foundation in Basel, to an interested audience in the great cultural cities of Europe.

"Once the exhibition has opened in Basel, the concept includes a trilingual exhibition catalog. Therefore, our exhibitions are predestined to travel because the artists and their works have already come to Basel from across the ocean.

We are very proud and happy to have reached this first milestone in Rome." The plan is to have three to four stations per year with various exhibitions, all of which have their origin in the Brasilea Foundation Basel. International Exhibition cooperation is the great strength of the Brasilea Foundation with Daniel Faust at the top.

With his involvement, another exhibition called "Rio Naïf et les Jeux Olympiques" is currently to see at the Brazilian Consulate General in Geneva at the occasion of the Olympic Games in Rio.

In cooperation with the Brazilian gallery Mais Um, the exhibition " Saint Clair -Sculptures" by Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin will be shown in the Brasilea Foundation during this year's ART Basel from 13 to 18 June.

Conversely, an exhibition from the Brasilea Foundation Basel will be shown during the ArtRio art fair in Rio de Janeiro from 28 September to 2 October 2016.

By organizing these international exhibitions, the Brasilea Foundation team continues along the way of its founder Walter Wüthrich from Basel whose aim was to promote the worldwide cultural exchange from Basel.