14. abril – 19. maio 2016

Bâle brut et les Jeux Olympiques

The exhibitions "Rio naïf et les Jeux Olympiques" and "Bâle brut et les Jeux Olympiques" will take place on the occasion of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The presented works show the wonderfully fascinating city of Rio de Janeiro with its world famous landmarks Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf as well as the immense wealth of flora and fauna in Brazil and different sports. The works of mostly self-taught artists are markedly simple, carefree and imaginative and often show the personal wishes of the artists.

Their genuine creations give an imaginative impulse in the context of contemporary art.


17 artists from the Creative Workshop Bürgerspital Basel focused intensively on the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio 2016 at the invitation of the Foundation Brasilea.

This resulted in drawings and paintings complemented by three-dimensional works from the archive.

The artistic expression or style is as varied as the personalities involved:

It ranges from works that follow the works of our Brazilian colleagues which are attributed to the naïve art to leading representatives of the classical style Brut.

Common to all are their genuine creativity and originality which is not due to any classical artistic education. Rather, the Creative Workshop Bürgerspital Basel offers jobs with various care and support services in the artistic and craft area to around 70 people with physical, psychological or mental disability.

The employees have the opportunity to develop their own visual language and to realize their talents and their abilities in free artistic offers.

Dozens of artists have now emerged from the Creative Workshop Bürgerspital Basel. They have appeared in numerous exhibitions and have received recognition and prizes.

Simone Kurz